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Joined 2 February 2012

En plein mer, nous banquetant, grignotant, devisant, et faisant beau et court discours...

Le pilot feist responce : Seigneur, de rien ne vous effrayez.
Icy est le confin de la mer glaciale,
sus laquelle feut au commencement de l’hyver dernier passé grosse & felonne bataille,
entre les Arispammiens, & les Nephelibarres.

Rabelais, "Paroles gelées"

  • I have made some minor contributions anonymously in the past on some linguistics-related pages, and thought I should create an identity and participate more actively. (in nearly Spring, 2012)
  • I learned a fair bit through experience during the 2016 election season about the problems Wikipedia is facing (some inherent, others due to caste issues). I'll try to stick around and continue to play fair while trying to learn something. (The Fall of 2016)
  • After serving an indefinite (in the end, 500-day) sentence for annoying the faux-nez of a desysopped admin, I was unblocked (shortly after All Souls Day, 2018).