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DescriptionEasily create DYK nominations
UpdatedJune 25, 2019
    (3 months ago)
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Blank form. The prose size is in red as it is less 1500 characters.
With many fields filled in. Hook character count becomes red when it exceeds 200.

DYK-helper is a script to easily create a DYK nomination, and transclude it to the DYK talk page and the article talk pages.


If you have the script-installer gadget, just click on the "Install" button in the infobox.

Otherwise, place importScript('User:SD0001/DYK-helper.js'); // [[User:SD0001/DYK-helper.js]] on Special:MyPage/common.js or Special:MyPage/skin.js.


Any number of articles, authors and hooks are supported. For multi-article nominations, the nomination page will be transcluded on talk pages of all articles involved.

The script window displays a count of the number of words and characters of readable prose in the article. The character count is same as that given by the DYKcheck tool (though the word count may differ slightly, either could be more accurate).

For each hook, a live character count is shown at the side as you type. Per DYK guidelines, the three dots at the beginning ... , the italicised text such as (pictured), are not counted. The syntax used for making links or for bolding too are not counted.

All hooks must begin with ... that  and end with ?, failing which you cannot proceed. The script will also warn you if you are submitting without mentioning the source for each hook provided, though you may ignore this warning and go ahead.

"DYK" link placement
The "DYK" link appears by default in p-cactions, which is the "More" dropdown (in vector skin, in other skins, look for it alongside the row of subject/talk links). To change the default, add the line var DYKH_portlet = "portletID"; to your common.js, replacing portletID with one of the portlet id values from Help:Customizing toolbars.
Watchlist talk pages?
Set whether or not you want to watchlist talk pages where you transclude the DYK nomination by adding var DYKH_watchlistTalkPage = true; or var DYKH_watchlistTalkPage = false; If unspecified, watchlisting depends on your site preferences.

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