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PC-0 I am politically incorrect. Hence, I will use common sense and speak plainly rather than trip all over myself trying to be inoffensive.
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Places I have been:

  Switzerland  Spain  United States
 France  Greece  Austria
 Italy  Turkey  United Kingdom
 Grenada  Wales  Monaco
 Brazil  Portugal  Germany

Stuff I have doneEdit

  • Created and wrote the C:Real article.
  • Created and wrote the Louk article.

- Away from wiki -


Reaper7 is awarded this Original Barnstar for his first article Vassilis Tsiartas. Keep up the good work!  NikoSilver 
  The Barnstar of Diligence
I have been watching your edits for years. I believe you deserve this for your work on sport's related topics - especially football page edits including uploaded images. Zenostar (talk) 18:08, 22 October 2014 (UTC)