Welcome to the userpage of Pradeep Mohandas. I am a Wikipedian based out of Pune. I am interested in space but work as a technical writer. I used to be an active Wikimedian online and offline between 2009-13. I helped organise the WikiConference India 2011. I'm male and you can identify as he/him.

Also contributed under username: Thiruvathira.

Women & Wikipedia edit

Wikipedia & Wikimedia edit

My understanding of Wikiverse.

Wikimedia is a universe developed to support the construction of an encyclopedia. Wikimedia != Wikipedia. It is

An encyclopedia needs images. Commons was created as a wiki that contributed images to Wikipedia. It concerned itself with discussions around issues about how to take images useful for Wikipedia, licenses, should there be timestamps, who owns these images and various metadata details related to images.

An encyclopedia requires source documents. Enter Wikisource. This has documents brought onto wiki. There are efforts for converting image scans to texts, efforts on to translate the text into various languages, there wouldn't be the danger of losing texts as websites became non-existent/obsolete.

Should Wikipedia be doing all these things in addition to being a platform for allowing people to contribute to an encyclopedia that anyone can edit?