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Ex finance and banking executive and international consultant

I intervene in the French-speaking and English-speaking Wiki (please, excuse my syntax when writing in English)


  • Behavioral finance & Economics,
  • Financial and monetary theory,
  • Microeconomics, economic development,
  • Financial analysis, stock valuation,
  • Marketing, management.

Also a supporter of

  • European integration,
  • Democratic / institutional Globalization. And thus, self-declared World citizen
  • More generally democracy and human rights.
Societies are owned by persons, while persons are not owned by societies.
Whence my 67 % (for persons) / 33 % (for society) cursor theory for

Webmaster of:

Also a top viewed Google Knol author

  • Domains in English : finance, economics, society (democracy), decision psychology, management.
  • Domaines en français : finance, économie, société (démocratie), psychologie de la décision, management.

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