User:Nick Moyes/sandbox/Updates still needed for Publish changes

The wiki-wide change implemented by WMF on 11 December 2017, which saw the renaming of the blue "Save changes/Save page" buttons to "Publish changes/Publish page" in both source and visual editors, means that some Help pages containing screenshots are still out of date.

Any editor is welcome to add new pages that need attention, or to mark files as 'done' once they have been updated.

Help articles with screenshots and text on same page that need updating together:

Creating an article with AfC
Completing a Simple COI request
Citoid in VisualEditor Screen Shot 2015-04-02
Citoid results in VisualEditor Screen Shot 2015-04-02
Wikipedia-The Missing Manual 0105

Screenshot Files that need updating (a tick after the filename means that text in all linked pages has been corrected.

  1.  Done File:VisualEditor toolbar-en.png Done
  2.  Done File:VisualEditor Toolbar SpecialCharacters-en.png Done
  3.  Done File:VisualEditor More Settings-en.png Done
  4.  Done File:VisualEditor toolbar actions-en.png Done
  5.  Done File:VisualEditor save dialog-en.png Done - not all pages resolved to new file version. need to check later.
  6.  Done File:VisualEditor toolbar Page options - Switch to wikitext - Save.png
  7. no Unnecessary File:VisualEditor.toolbar.png Done - change filename on key help pages to avoid using this historic image.
  8. no Unnecessary - image of historic interest only
  9. no Unnecessary File:Wikipedia_article_in_VisualEditor_2015-04-17.png Done - new file created and uploaded for 2018. Filename replaced on pages
  10. no Unnecessary File:Example of COI edit request (English Wikipedia).PNG - difference is adequately explained in text.  
  11. File:Creating an article with AfC.png - this one is more than a simple screenshot. Labelling needed
  12. File:Citoid in VisualEditor Screen Shot 2015-04-02.png
  13. File:Citoid results in VisualEditor Screen Shot 2015-04-02.png
  14. File:Wikipedia-The Missing Manual 0105.png
  15. File:Minor edit.png

Other Issues

  1. Help Desk advice and script needs checking and updating. See {{HD/ip}}. (Issue raised at Wikipedia talk:Help desk. 26/2/2018)
  2.  Done {{Button}} has been used on some pages to construct another template ({{EditOptions}}) which, in turn, is transcluded in other pages (see here.) - request left at Template talk:Button.
  3.  Awaiting administrative action: Possible issue in the Pending Changes review interface. (Issue reported here)
  4.  Done {{2nd chance}}
  5. Post the following here if no changes have been made by March 2019: I see the Outreach pages haven't fully caught up with Save changes now being Publish changes. We're still getting a lot of confused editors coming to the Teahouse who are unsure where the 'Save' button is. Here are a few places where attention is needed: *As it's impossible to update all the old embedded YouTube videos that referred to 'Save', I'd suggest a notice is added to this introductory page to explain the mismatch. *On the Make Your Mark page the text needs updating.

Publish versus publish Potential explanatory text:

Note: every edit you make to a userspace draft is potentially visible online to anyone, even though it's in your own space. Whilst your edits there are 'saved' by hitting the same big, blue 'Publish changes' button you see when editing existing Wikipedia articles, don't be confused by the term 'publish' in this context. It's not the same as actually moving a draft into the main encyclopedia for everyone to find and read. Many people consider only that element as 'publishing', whereas the reality is that everything we do here is published online, whether made in a userspace, a sandbox, a draft article or in a main article.