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Hi, my name is Jakob Voß. I studied computer science and library science at Humboldt University Berlin, finishing with a masters thesis on informetric analysis of Wikipedia. Now I work as library systems developer at the Common Library Network in Göttingen, Germany and plan a PhD thesis in knowledge organization. I was member of the board of Wikimedia Germany 2004-2007 and I am still active in Wikimedia issues, for instance Wikimania program. I mostly contribute to the German Wikipedia. See also my personal blog at (mostly in German).

About my nickname


Nichtigkeit is German for vanity, nullity, voidness. The corresponding adjective nichtig is can be spelled like nich-tich [nɪçˈtɪç], while nicht ich [nɪçtˈɪç] means not me. But nicknames aren't important, are they? ;-)



"No one in the departement wants to be left out of the decision making. But no one is willing to make a decision" Dilbert (2008-04-20)