(I also have a reasonable knowledge of several other European languages, but have identified only those in which I am particularly interested).

Verschlossen und verriegelt

Wikipedia is largely a closed door to me, which is just the way it is, for a number of reasons. In my working life I deal with mediaeval / early modern documents and information retrieval systems; I don't wish however to involve myself here with anything in which I am engaged professionally or in which I have a deep personal interest. That is my door, which I think it best to close to Wikipedia. In that way, I can avoid being dragged into futile arguments with the opinionated of the world on subjects that matter to me, and we shall all be happy (although of course I am available to argue about subjects that don't matter to me at all).

I will reply to messages if necessary, but won't go out of my way to leave them. Best way to put it is that I can speak 9 languages and have no conversation in any of them.

Sometimes I wonder if I am any fun at all...

Vārna vārnai acī neknābj

Vārna vārnai acī neknābj

...and sometimes I wonder why I can't make the picture captions work properly.

Why are we here?Edit

You will have your own reasons. I am here because making small improvements to Wikipedia during my offduty moments is marginally more productive than playing patience.

WP:WSS will do for starters