Hello! Thank you for looking over this page! Creation of it was very hard for me, and occupied a lot of time… But at first of all I want to say MANY THANKS to all people, who helped me with translations, and also to my friends for photos. I hope it will be interesting for you to read information about me & about my hobbies, my family and my education. Enjoy!

Small information about meEdit

My name is Irina Makarova, I was born June 13, 1987 in small town, which is located at Russian north, and it’s named Kotlas (Arkhangelsk region). I grew up here and studied in Secondary school no. 7 & in painting School also. At summer vacation I went to camps or spent time with my grandmothers on our summer residence, where I ate strawberry, swam in the river etc. Sometimes our family had a rest at the sea, but the most part of the childhood was in Russian north. After finishing of my school I became a student of Vologda State Polytechnic University (VSPU). My faculty is economic and my specialty is “Economics and Management in industry”. When I finish my education in University (it will be in 2009), I’m planning to have 2nd specialty, may be it’ll be law education, but the first purpose is finding interesting work on my abilities.

Interests & ActivitiesEdit

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I very like to create something! I like various needlework: drawing, embroidering, kniting etc. I Like ridding on horses and go-cart racing & extreme and speed... Swimming. All time I go with player & I prefer a rock music (Russian alternative music and metal), especially "NightWish", I listen to Evgeniy Grishkovets, Vanessa Mae and her violin, the Persian music. Films, which I prefer are with sense, hard for understanding, with books the same situation. But I’m very optimistic person! I spend my time with my computer, I can use programs of MS Office, and recourses of Internet so good. One of my hobbies is photography & I like to create something in Adobe Photoshop. Am learning languages. And my dream is to work in Organization of United Nations! As most of people I like have a relax with my family and friends!

About my familyEdit

My family consists of my parents (Svetlana & Andrey) and my younger brother Dmitriy, they are living in Kotlas now. The brother is a student of river college, and parents are power engineers. Also we have a dog it’s French bulldog & a cat! Time to time I arrive to my native town for visiting my parents, usually this time is weekend or when I’ve holidays.