This is a page I thought would be useful for Contributor copyright investigations contributors, and will make work easier there. Here, I rank the CCI's by their attributes. If you want to help out at CCI, please read User:Moneytrees/Money's guide to CCI. These are listed in descending order of challenge. Before editing CCIs, always read the background information that comes with them. For 2011 CCI's, a more detailed page can be found at User:Wizardman/2011 CCI sort. For bot maintained statistics, see Firefly's bot.

  • For presumptive deletions/removals:

{{subst:copyvio|url=Presumptive deletion over copyright concerns, please see: [[Wikipedia:Contributor copyright investigations/INSERTNAME]]}}

[[WP:PDEL|Presumptive removal]] over copyright concerns, please see: [[Wikipedia:Contributor copyright investigations/INSERTNAME]]

Highest priority/ largest


Book/offline sources CCIs


Like the section title says, these Contributors would copy from books. Since 99% of these can't be found by earwig, are not online or are very hard to find online, presumptive removal is usually necessary. Some users may have copies of the sources.

Translation CCIs


There tend to be two of one things:

  • 1. (Way more common) The contributor ran a foreign language source through a translation machine, and then pasted the translation into an article.
  • 2. The contributor translated an article manually, and then posted the content into an article.

Pasting translations into bins, sandboxes and later having them revdeled, or sites like copyleaks are ways to compare these to articles using earwig.

Paywall CCIs


These contributors would copy text from paywalled sources, such as journals or news sites. Earwig works on most mainstream news sites, but won't work on most journals.



If a file is suspicious, nominate it for deletion here, citing the CCI as a reason. If it was uploaded on commons, nominate it for deletion there and cite the CCI as rational for deletion. If you have any questions, ask away at Wikipedia:Media copyright questions.



The website CCIs, the most common type; someone copied from a website into wikipedia when they shouldn't have.

Public domain/free license/copying within Wikipedia CCIs


Usually the easiest CCIs, where the contributor copied from not copyrighted sources, but neglected to provide attribution. In wiki copies require attribution on the talk page, while pd/free license stuff requires a template in the ref.



These CCIs either cover too many different styles of copying to be placed into one section, ot are weird and don't fall into the categories others do. I'll provide notes to give a general idea of what they consist of.

Spi's of users with closed CCIs