To be clear, I am not an expert in English. I'd best describe my interest here as a productive way to express my OCD tendencies toward typos. I like to think of them as literary Easter eggs: it's exciting to find them! However, please note that I'm also receptive to corrections of my own contributions and not afraid to ask for help. (So, thanks in advance!) I have a lot of free time and love learning about this crazy world we live in, especially social & physical science. I've always respected Wikipedia for their insightful and unbiased articles and am excited to officially be part of this community.

On a personal level, I fell ill a few years back & am currently in an NIH genome study for autoinflammatory diseases. (In layman's terms, I'm a professional lab rat on account of my homicidal immune system.) Unfortunately for the average Joe, documentation on this disease and similar topics is hard to find and even harder to understand. So, I'm hoping to use my passion for writing and new love of reading research papers to help contribute to related articles in the comprehensible form that Wikipedia is known for.