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 This user finds Ranch Style Brand Beans to be "Appetite Pleasin'."
 This user contributes using GNU/Linux. 
> _ This user often uses the command line when operating their computer.
BAThis user has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics.
MSThis user has a Master of Science degree in Mathematics.
PhD(c)This user is a doctoral student in Mathematics.
  This user is a member of Pi Mu Epsilon.
mthThis user participates in math competitions.
math-4This user can contribute with near natural mathematical skills.
  This user only partially understands mathematics.
  This user understands the summation convention.
 This user understands capital sigma and pi notation, and you should too! 
 This user knows the difference between an integral and an antiderivative; and so should you! 
 This user knows how to prove that the square root of two is irrational.
 This user can prove that the number, e, is irrational.

  This user can prove that   is irrational.
 This user knows that 0.999... is exactly 1.
SI ? This user prefers metric units, but, having grown up in the U.S., cannot relate to them.
 This user uses LaTeX and admires its power.
 This user BOINCs.
MATThis user is a MATLAB programmer and user.
 -2This user is an intermediate Mathematica programmer.