In common with many other scifi-loving Wikipedians, I am interested in series and films that begin with the word Star. I love reading, but not reading fictions. I'm right-handed but on the political left. I'm a big fan of what Nature has done to the world, but all my houseplants die on me within a year.

After discovering Wikipedia in 2002, I've found this place to be a great source of fun tidbits and info. The kinds of articles I frequent sometimes coincide with my interests.

And if you have read thusfar, I feel obliged to offer you an encouraging statement to reward your diligence:

(Actually it was just an excuse to use the quote template .... with those fantastic, alluring quotation marks.)

Have a nice day and hope you'll enjoy Wikipedia as much as I have!


Please post on my Talk Page. I try to be friendly, but have only succeeded with my friends. :o)


  for your great work on Wikipedia. (Kokiri)