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Mark Boardman (born 1980) in Essex is a entertainment & showbiz expert spending 6 years as a journalist. As a self Gossip columist[1] and Paparazzi [2] Since 2007 he has been most Notable for his numerous TV appearances and celeb based documentaries.

His first experience & major TV role was as a chat show host on Homemade for T4 [3] which ran for 1 series (6 full episodes) where alongside his showbiz mate [4] Dave Berry modestly claims

"Mark; as a celebrity hunter is really the star of the show and we are on the same level"

[5]. His appearance on Channel 4[6] lead to a number of big interview with Miquita Oliver [7] & co presenters. LocateTV, one the the UK's biggest TV websites-list Mark as the writer and co-host of homemade[8]

Tv work

Mark has appeared on over a dozen TV programmes including This Morning [9] where he discussed ways to get A-listers on your side and the art of autograph collecting as well as interview techniques on " Collectors corner ".

In 2003, he appeared on the The Terry and Gaby Show [10] where as a audience member was invited up on stage by Gaby Roslin [11] to talk about his weekly experience of attending the show and meeting stars including Michael Buble who whom he interviewed live on TV [12]

For the BBC [13] in 2007 he filmed a TV documentary regarding London film premieres and discussed as a Talking head why celebs are so in demand right now, he then went on to meet Hugh Grant [14] when filming for Inside out [15]

and shared experiences of his lifestyle. Having met over 4500 celebrities in London [16] on the red carpet [17] where only a superstar [18] is worthy of shaking his hand.


Mark was hired as the roving celebrity reporter for [19] and his first broadcast was for the Britawards [20] 2007.[21]

His recent interview with [22] set websites alight with revelations of his on/off relationship with [23] The Daily mail in 2011 picked up on Mark's feedback here [24] saying "Mark Boardman posted: 'So it seems that smiley Kate Walsh is to replace Denise Van Outen on OK! TV, thats like being offered spam when you ordered the steak!' Celebrity Quotes

Steve Jones [25] on Mark

"one of Tv's rising stars"

June Sarpong [26]

"Mark is gonna be a star"

A regular of Local radio and a celeb pundit and star blogger, Mark is regarded by many and listed as a minor UK celebrity on Pb works [27] Since 2004 Mark has run his own celebrity / London film premiere website and is a popular character on Twitter [28]


Fashion creator Ross Cairns said

"my real interest came when I discovered the story of Mark Boardman...Through his connection to fame he has become an object of fame."


The Guardian Newspaper has backed Mark's celebrity ways [30] online wrote a big piece [31]

Mark Boardman is trying vainly to keep up appearances. He started going out of his way to meet celebrities 19 years ago, though he stretched the definition of celebrity somewhat with a snap of Russ Swift - the record holder for parking in narrow spaces, as if you didn't know. But Mark has now become a sage in the art and recently grabbed the autographs of Ewan McGregor - "he's partial to a choc Magnum" and pop "star" Lee Ryan - "who I watched on the backstage bouncy castle with Jodie Marsh" at Popbeach. Classy.

External links

His official website [32]

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