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The Little Pond, Appledore. Childe Hassam, 1890.
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I am a coordinator at Wikipedia:Featured article review. We have 5,610 featured articles, and they need maintenance and occasional review to ensure that they haven't deteriorated.

We are currently checking over featured articles that were promoted between 2004 and 2010 but haven't had a recent formal review. As we work through the list, we're finding some articles that will need a full-fledged review at WP:FAR. Others, though, need only minor cleanup to retain their FA status—but many of their original nominators have since retired, so we need help!

If you're new to featured articles, this is a great way to learn about them and the featured article criteria, because we will identify specific minor issues that need attention, such as copyediting a single section, making citation formats consistent, checking for deadlinks and replacing them if possible, or adding unit conversions.

If you're already familiar with the FA criteria, we might ask you to review image permissions, check an article for BLP compliance, or update an article to include a specific event (such as updating a sports team's article to include the recent season).

Please let me know on my talk page if you are interested in helping maintain our featured articles!

New articles and major expansionsEdit