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Hello, all-- Manymegs here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA- where I work at a translation service, principally handling Chinese--> English, French--> English, and even some Japanese--> English Translations. On occasion, I have been known to do some English--> Chinese (simplified or traditional) translation as well.

My education background includes B.A.s and an M.A. in Chinese language and history (Language-- Classical and modern Chinese, with some work in historical Chinese linguistics; history from origins to the present, with a focus on late-Qing to present history of China- additional focus on race and ethnicity in modern China.) B.A.s are from the University_Of_Minnesota(1999) and the M.A. from the University_of_Chicago (2001), with study at Nankai_University, Tianjin, China (1997) and Peking_University (1999-2000) along the way for good measure. I also taught ESL at the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing, China in 2002-2003.

I hope to make contributions via translation, proofreading, and editing...just as soon as I get the hang of navigating and editing conventions. Areas of interest include Chinese_history, Chinese_culture, Chinese_food and Music_in_Minnesota. I am a musician (primarily a bassist) and have performed as a member of various punk and rock groups Minneapolis since 1987. At some future point, I would be interested in adding articles that flesh out the history of the Minneapolis music scene (especially in the late '80s and 1990s).

While at Peking University, I became very interested in the budding Chinese_rock scene and became a big fan of such bands as Sober, the Flowers, Underground Baby, New Pants, and others-- none of whom have articles, I might add! Bringing the Chinese_rock up-to-date is a priority for me! Hopefully my contributions in these areas will help others to appreciate the music, history, and culture of all these diverse subjects.