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Some contributions
  1. Van Diemen's Land v Port Phillip, 1851 (FA) (GA) (DYK) (Appeared on the main page on 11 February 2018)
  2. List of Formula One Grand Prix wins by Ayrton Senna (FL) (Appeared on the main page on 1 May 2017)
  3. List of Indian Premier League seasons and results (FL) (Appeared on the main page on 6 April 2018)
  4. William Walker (Australian cricketer) (GA) (DYK)
  5. Cottalango Leon (GA) (DYK)
  6. Rahul Thakkar (GA) (DYK)
  7. Edmund Wainwright (DYK)
  8. Bhalchandra Dattatray Mondhe (DYK)
  9. Daud Junbish (DYK)
  10. List of Queensland first-class cricketers
  11. Lisa Douglas
  12. Akhtar Khan
  13. Henry Walkerden
  14. Jeffrey Walker (cricketer)
  15. Sydney Walford
  16. Ike Wales
  17. Frank Wade (cricketer)
  18. Gar Waddy
  19. Jason Young (Australian cricketer)
  20. Allan Young (cricketer)
  21. George Youill
  22. Fergus Yeates
  23. Walter Yeates
  24. Paul Zschorn
  25. Anthony Zimbulis
  26. Keith Ziebell
  27. Liam Zammit
  28. Glen Baker
  29. Carlos Suárez (cinematographer)
  30. Wolfgang Burmann
  31. Agonda
  32. Arthur Richenthal
  33. Paneli Moti