deDieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
en-5This user can contribute with a professional level of English.
fr-2Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau intermédiaire en français.
nl-2Deze gebruiker heeft een middelmatige kennis van het Nederlands.
es-1Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel básico de español.
ksh-3Dä Medmaacher schwaadt en Sprooch vum Rhing wie jeck.
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"Other" languages ctd.
rb-1This user is a beginning Ruby programmer.
asThis user knows ActionScript.
bashThis user can program in Bash.
css-3This user is an advanced Cascading Style Sheets user.
HTML-4This user is an expert HTML user.
js-3This user is an advanced JavaScript programmer.
LaTeXThis user can typeset using LaTeX.
mysqlThis user writes programs that access MySQL.
re-3This user writes advanced regular expressions.
STThis user can program in Smalltalk.
xml-2This user is an intermediate XML coder.
"Other" languages
C-3This user is an advanced C programmer.
c++-3This user is an advanced C++ programmer.
for-2This user is an intermediate Fortran programmer.
fth-2This user is an intermediate Forth programmer.
Java-2This user is an intermediate Java programmer.
asm-3This user is an advanced assembly language programmer.
BASIC-2This user is an intermediate BASIC programmer.
COBOL-1This user is a beginning COBOL programmer.
pas-3This user is an advanced Pascal programmer.
php-4This user is an expert PHP programmer.
py-2This user is an intermediate Python programmer.
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DEU Koeln COA.svgThis user lives in Cologne.
Maplin 5600.jpgThis user listens to Industrial.
Anarchy-symbol.svgThis user appreciates real punk music.
Crystal alternative rock.pngThis user enjoys indie rock.
abcThis user likes vinyl records more than CDs or any other form of music.
Amarok.svgThis user contributes while listening to Amarok.
10 sided die.svgThis user is a Rolemaster enthusiast, and tired hearing jokes about rules and/or stats.