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Hi, I'm Kevin! It's great to meet you! Face-smile.svg

I'm an administrator here on the English Wikipedia, which means I'm here to help out. If you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance, please reach out to me! The best way to contact me is through my talk page, but for private or otherwise sensitive matters, you can email me. I'm also sometimes on IRC as "L235".

Did you know...

Most of my content work is in law-related articles; I also help out with a broad array of maintenance tasks. Here's my probably-outdated to-do list:

Standing collab/review offer: If you have an article about a United States Supreme Court case that you would like to collaborate on improving or would like a GA review on, please let me know!

Since February 2015, I've served as Clerk of the Arbitration Committee, which means that I assist with the administration and running of the arbitration process in accordance with the arbitration policy. I may sometimes take actions on behalf of the Arbitration Committee in that capacity, pursuant to either delegated authority or explicit authorization on an internal mailing list run by the Committee. If I make a mistake, please let me know! You can also appeal those actions by email to or

I work with sockpuppet investigations as a clerk, which means that I help make determinations of sockpuppetry by analyzing evidence and preliminarily endorsing/declining requests for CheckUser. Are you confused or frustrated by the process? Here is a guide to responding to a case at SPI.

I currently study at Stanford University, and so I have access to extensive library, journal, and database sources. If I can ever help get a source for you, please shoot me a talk page message! You can also try the resource exchange noticeboard.

Other things: