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Wikipedia Needs You!Edit

Speaker: Kim BruningEdit

  • Physical location: Netherlands
  • "Home base": English wikipedia.

Today's talkEdit

Take home message: Editing Wikipedia is fun, and it helps out your community too! (So please come and edit! :-)

Plan: Convince everyone to edit wikipedia and improve it!

I'll provide links to all the sources and places you can go to on this wikipage, so you can look things up later!


An encyclopedia in your language, helps preserve and promote your culture, and allows you to share information that is unique to your part of the world.

Status of wikipedias in KosovaEdit

Having a wikipedia in a particular language helps preserve that language, and allows people to learn about the world in their own language.

Currently Gheg is eligible to have its own wikipedia. This wiki isn't growing very quickly, but if you'd like to help out, we'd appreciate it!

The Albanian wikipedia is already active


Albanian wikipedia is live and doing ok, currently with 41,846 content pages at time of writing, and 195 active users. (Size doubled since I last did this talk)

But what should we write about?Edit

What articles are MOST informative, to most people?

  • Articles that people actually read!
  • Background information to the news
  • Background information about sports
  • Information about sex.

A way to build informative articlesEdit

  • Select a local paper and take subjects from all sections.
  • Small wiki-articles (but with lots of links) are good when starting out.
  • Red links are your friend!
  • As a next step, people can start filling in the topics at the red links.


  • Interwiki links help to draw readers from other wikipedias
  • Google can help you find more information
  • News is always interesting!

Your Pictures, Your Illustrations, Your ArticlesEdit

  • Use your own pictures, from your own surroundings, as much as possible
  • Share them on Wikimedia Commons

In this way, you share your culture world-wide.

  • Students, teachers, everyone will copy your articles, and use your pictures
  • Translate articles about your country and culture to the English Wikipedia, so more people can find them (Don't forget to interwiki!)

Where to go from here?Edit

  • Localize mediawiki and other related software at
  • Collaborate widely, share skills widely.
  • Use IRC, Skype, Mailing lists.

  • Learn how to do it? Come to the workshop on Monday 13:15-1500, @Innovations Lab

Fun is serious business!Edit



(You can add them here during the talk, if you have a laptop with you . ;-)

Some people want to know how to edit a wiki?Edit

Well, it's really simple. Click edit, and type. That's not so hard.