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A short summary of the wiki universe in 20 minutesEdit

Kim Bruning. (English Wikipedia)

I can try, can't I? ;-)

This workshop is an extension of ye olde Wikipedia:Lectures, so it'll be structured in roughly the same way. Which is to say: Very Wiki, or: Very Chaotic, depending on which crowd you belong to :-P

I'll walk through this very quickly so we can establish common ground.

Game TheoryEdit

A handshake when meeting someone is an example of initial cooperation

tit for tat is a good stratagem. Documented on wikipedia as WP:AGF

Chaos TheoryEdit

Initial image of a Mandelbrot set zoom sequence with continuously coloured environment

Let's not get into this too deeply. Take home message: Making hard rules has unexpected results. (I don't have time to write a cellular automaton to demo simulated annealing though; and besides, playing with this stuff can take days anyway :-P )

Documented at WP:IAR. (Alternate: Gödel's incompleteness theorems)

Our Agile inheritenceEdit

When an edit is made, other editors have these options: accept the edit, change the edit, or revert the edit. These options may be discussed if necessary. From: Wikipedia:Consensus

The world's first wikiEdit

WikiWikiWeb page from 1994

WikiWikiWeb: (no talk, no userspace)

you can link to it using [[WikiWikiWeb:]]


Wikipedia policy in a nutshell:


Things people don't expectEdit

  • Other people unexpectedly edit 'your' pages!

Founding issues are not what you expectEdit

As written, voting is not permitted!Edit

I wonder how many people don't expect that ;-)

Subject Matter Experts get short shriftEdit

(note: COI and BLP conflict in awful ways. I can't fix a top-down policy like BLP, it's too involved. But that's a discussion for tomorrow)

Potential QuestionsEdit

  • How did "old fashioned" wikis get anything done?
  • which is faster, mainspace or userspace? (1. What is it? 2. Why is it notable? 3. at least one reference)
  • which policies prevent new submissions?
  • How do I decide something without voting?
  • "who is in charge"? (governance)
  • how can we fix the SME problem? (I'll have to ask you folks :-) )

how other stuff works/ workshop thingsEdit

Some of this is enwiki specific:

  • WP:BRD Bold, Revert Discuss
  • WP:POINT Don't disrupt wikipedia to make a point (2 elements!)
  • WP:IAR Ignore all Rules.
  • WP:CON Consensus

Other linksEdit

  • [1] Wikimania submission:

Tips after talkEdit

  • check out Equity
  • Cellular Automaton Software [2]