The WikiLove menu as it appears on user talk pages
Interface for giving a kitten

WikiLove is a script designed to promote the spread of WikiLove within Wikipedia. Specifically, it makes adding awards and gifts to user talk pages as simple as clicking a few buttons.


Note: This user script is deprecated and has been replaced by the WikiLove extension.

To install the script, add the following line to your Vector JS page:


Note: WikiLove currently only works in the Vector skin (the default skin as of 2010). It will not load in other skins. To check or change your skin, check your preferences or read Wikipedia:Skin

If you have trouble getting the script to work, try clearing your cache. Also make sure that you are on a user talk page, as the menu will not appear on other pages.


To use WikiLove, go to a user's talk page, move your mouse over the heart icon in the tab menu and choose which award or gift you would like to give. Follow the instructions from there.

Currently supported itemsEdit

Possible future itemsEdit

  • Beer
  • Welcome templates
  • WikiProject invitations