Hello, İ’m Josep Maria Roca Peña and İ’m 26 years old.

İ’m from Barcelona, Catalonia, so İ’m Catalan and İ hope for an independent Catalonia. My mother tongue is Catalan. İ also speak Spanish and Portuguese too, because İ’ve been in Portugal for a while. İ have the C1 level of Portuguese. İ love languages, İ learn them during my free time. İ learned Serbian at first alone, then İ started private lessons to learn more. İ currently have an middle level of Serbian and İ got the B1 qualification at the University of Belgrade. İ got the B1 level of Romanian at the University of Alicante. İ studied Russian at the Official School of Languages Barcelona-Drassanes, and İ also obtained the B1 (of Russian). About Galician, İtalian and Occitan, İ don’t have official certificates nor did İ attend any course, İ’ve learned them because they’re easy for me. İ studied English and a bit of French at school doing ESO, but İ stopped learning them just after İ finished school. However, recently İ passed the B1 Preliminary exam of British English by Cambridge Assessment English. İ’ve also started studying Bulgarian and Macedonian, but for now İ’ve got a fairly basic level of these two languages.

İ especially like three series: Star Trek, Code Lyoko and Winx Club, and İ admin wikis on FANDOM of these series in a lot of languages.

Josep Maria 26.
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