Hi! I am John Gabriel Ibay, I am from the Philippines and I started editing here in 2011.

About meEdit

  • A 10th Grade student studying in the Philippines
  • Age 15
  • A blogger since 2012. One of my popular blogs is my semi-website "Airplane Crash".
  • Train filmer "RAILFAN"


Airplane relatedEdit

Train relatedEdit

Other hobbiesEdit

  • Reading
  • Browsing Wikipedia and other websites
  • Watching TV
  • Solving math problems
  • Buses
  • Cars
  • Bus Fanatic since 2015
  • Playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 since August 2015
  • Managing fictional transport services, like railway, trucking company, and airline.

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My fictional rail mapEdit

User:Johngabriel.ibay's fictional railway map: Line 1
Ft Fairfax
Ft Fairfax Coach Yard & Engine Shed
Fairfax River
St Josef
Line 2
Yonder Works
Yonder Coach Yard
Yonder Production Facility
Black Pump
Mt Oliver
Line 3
Hope's End
Lake Hurst
Lake Hurst River
Lake Hurst Coach Yard
Bucket Springs
North Frampton
Central Frampton Coach Yard & Engine Shed
User:Johngabriel.ibay's fictional railway map: Line 2
Yonder East
Josha's Cradle
Thomas Canyon
Elena Jct
Lena Mines
User:Johngabriel.ibay's fictional railway map: Line 3
Mt Oliver