John is an author undergoing a paradigmatic philosophical text exercise entitled The Metaphysical Theater. The Metaphysical theater is an expression of John Tvrz, who is now living in 2020, and beyond as a reincarnated 17th century metaphysical poet.

All the excruciating minutia is available by navigating to [1] John Tvrz lives in Honokaa Hawaii as a hamakuakook and haole bugga.

Beyond the obvious signs of being slightly human, John shows signs of being aware of being something more than the meat sack alone in the world.

The Metaphysical Theater is a blogspot at johnttvrz@blogspot [2] created by John Tvrz and exposes some of what he pretends to write.

Though as the fool of the world, mathematical algorithms cannot peer into the feelings and souls of men as mad mystics can and do.  So by the marginalizing principle of too busy to notice God until I am dead. These average masses circulate the popular content never realizing the elaborate hoax being perpetrated in the name of truth and justice. As none of these things are metaphysical poetry but modern flashes of heat from unnatural fire burned up in the reason to (wiki-wiki)=(quick...quick)

The Metaphysical Theater is a blogspot and Anchor Podcast expressing the roundabout journey of John Tvrz, becoming God in Man on earth. Using the 17th Century Mystic language of Metaphysical poetry. By writing these blogposts and podcasts John Tvrz is the only re-incarnated 17th Century poet today, keeping in mind the use of modern day American vernacular employed by Mr. Tvrz in his metaphysicaltextual artistic textual or audio presentations.

The Language of God, or Metaphysical poetry, are considered to be the key or the human perspective that unlocks the secret code that the "king James bible" is apparently written in. The proponents of metaphysical poetry claim to understand the Language of God, the "holy bible" is said to be written in. Some examples of translation from metaphysical poetry in the bible to understandable modern day language is as follows: #1 anytime water is referred to in the bible we can infer or understand the reference is intended to be understood as "spiritual understanding" so water =spiritual understanding. It can be given as follows, water=spiritual understanding. Wine= Living solely by that spiritual understanding in incarnate experience or "life". Thirdly I will share the meaning of the blood with you here now it is channelled by the ancients intent of meaning in their own sacred writings to this wikipedia page by metaphysics. The meaning of Christs Blood is the actual subconscious transformation of internal or subconscious belief within one specific individual. This transformation of the internal perspective in the individual,or a one-hundred-and-eighty deegree turn around on how we view the world, It is referred to in the King James as "Repentance" this is from the Greek word. met·a·noi·a /ˌmedəˈnoiə/ Meaning of the word follows: change in one's way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion. "what he demanded of people was metanoia, repentance, a complete change of heart", he is I, as you are just as I am. The perspective the mad mystic John Tvrz is from the metanoia, or this radical change of attitude is expressed in 17th century metaphysical poetry just as it is expressed today in 2020 upon the stage of the Metaphysical Theater by John Tvrz.

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