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About me

I am retired from the computer industry, which I entered long enough ago to remember mercury delay lines. I have worked in Australia and New Zealand as well as the UK, and now live in north-west England. I started editing seriously in late 2007, mostly in a Wikisloth-like manner, doing New Page Patrol and all the other things that arise out of that. If I have a favourite activity it is doing the research work to demolish hoax articles, which I believe damage Wikipedia seriously; I have linked above a subpage listing over 150 hoax articles I have caused to be deleted, and 19 which I have rescued from CAT:HOAX and rehabilitated. I have now been an administrator for nearly five years and, while there is seldom a dull moment, I regret having little time left for front-line New Page Patrol.

Quote of the month

Of course, the final irony - and I love this story - is that if you go to an art gallery and you see Duchamp's urinal sitting there - the artwork that started it all - it will have been handmade because the original was destroyed and, by the time people became interested in it, you couldn't get that model of urinal any more. And so those urinals were hand-made by a potter.

Grayson Perry, Playing to the Gallery.