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Each thing I do, I rush through so I can do something else. In such a way do the days pass

---a blend of stock car racing and the never ending building of a gothic cathedral.

Through the windows of my speeding car I see all that I love falling away: books unread, jokes untold, landscapes unvisited...

-Stephen Dobyns, Cemetery Nights

Greetings/About MeEdit

Hello, and welcome to my user page! I am Jip Orlando, and thanks for stopping by! This is not my real name. It was a nickname bestowed upon me by an uncle when I was young and based on my real-life initials. I work in higher-education administration, and I have a BA in communications and an MBA with a certificate in finance.

I got started here the way many do: by fixing an error. I saw vandalism on the catharsis article (someone added 'flatulence' and 'gas,' to be exact), registered an account, and fixed it. I added minor fixes here and there and really started getting more involved in early 2017. I'm not a software engineer or programmer, but I'm learning as I go along about HTML code and the intricacies of WikiCode.

One of the main tenets I edit by comes from a slight background in journalism, of which I took a year worth in college. The ABC's of journalism are:

  • Accuracy
  • Brevity
  • Clarity

These translate well into the wiki-world. No POV, be concise, and say what you mean.


I enjoy reverting unhelpful changes to articles. I don't really do vandal-fighting anymore, but I jump in sometimes. I mainly stick to the maintenance side of the encyclopedia, but I have some ideas for new articles someday. I also enjoy looking for copyright violations. I occasionally use CSD for articles that can't be salvaged. Feel free to check my PROD log. I'm not embarrassed about the bluelinks there- the encyclopedia is built on consensus and collaboration, and sometimes people disagree. It's part of life.

Drop my a line on my talk page if you'd like, and thanks for reading!



Possible articlesEdit

Houston Wells and the Marksmen

  The Reviewer's Barnstar
This is for your valuable efforts for reviewing articles under pending changes protection. Thank you PATH SLOPU 15:34, 23 May 2019 (UTC)