Re Old St Paul's, I thought you might like this quotation. It seems too good to waste!

Roger Edwards, Glasgow.

"I have often admired at the zeal of a pretty well-dressed Jacobite, when I have seen her go down one of the narrow, steep wynds in Edinburgh, through an accumulation of the worst kind of filth, and whip up a blind staircase almost as foul, yet with an air as degagé as if she were going to meet a favourite lover in some poetic bower. And, indeed, the difference between the generality of those people and the Presbyterians (particularly the women) is visible when they come from their respective instructors; for the former appear with cheerful countenances, and the others look as if they had been just before convicted and sentenced by their gloomy teachers."

Edmund Burt: Letters from a gentleman in the North of Scotland, London, 1754

Clydekelvin (talk) 12:48, 9 June 2008 (UTC)