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af-1Hierdie gebruiker het 'n basiese begrip van Afrikaans.
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I love wiki. I use it since the first Perl wiki program existed. On my bookshelf sits "The Wiki Way" with a signed dedication by Bo Leuf (many thanks chmod for this wonderful present). So I love Wikipedia and before it I loved InfoAnarchy, wonder why that one didn't win the Prix Ars Electronica even if it existed before? ... and I love things that are unknown, I'm definitely less interested in what the majority knows or believes.

If you have concerns about anything i write, please let me know: you can write into my User_talk:Jaromil page or in the discussion tab of the wikipedia article i'm contributing.

I'm a software developer with a humanities academic background. My favorite fields of study are: Philosophy, Technoetic, Semiotics, Poetry, Linguistics, Programming paradigms, Multimedia applications, ancient Greek and Latin literature.

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