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Completed tasksEdit

Task 2Edit

BRFA 2 is approved to correct the lint error associated with a number of DYKN pages.

Task 1Edit

BRFA 1 approves removal of <center> where it is present inside |footnote= of {{US Census population}} in the mainspace. This is a one-time run of approximately 20,000 edits, mostly to articles on US locations. AWB general fixes is enabled.

This is part of the WP:Lint effort as <center> is an obsolete HTML tag. From a visual point of view today, there is likely to be no change for the majority of readers. From an non-visual point of view, these tags cause validation warnings. At some point in the future (either in MediaWiki or in your Internet browser), these tags will not appear as they do today (it is likely that the tag will either be silently ignored, or displayed as the literal string <center>un-centered thing</center>).

This effort is a low-hanging fruit out of the 16 million obsolete tag errors. This task is not authorized to remove <center> everywhere. (<center> is sometimes context-sensitive, especially in tables where there are superior replacement options.)