Inon Sharony
Born(1980-11-15)15 November 1980
Alma materTel Aviv University
Known forAbsolutely Nothing!
Scientific career
FieldsChemical Physics
InstitutionsTel Aviv University
Doctoral advisorAbraham Nitzan
Inon Sharony
Service/branchArtillery Corps (Israel),GOC Army Headquarters,Israel Defense Forces
Years of service4 (Reserves since 2003)
RankCaptain (land)
Unit80th Division (IDF)
Battles/warsSouth Lebanon conflict (1982–2000),Second Intifada,2000–2006 Shebaa Farms conflict

Inon Sharony (b. 15 November 1980) is an Israeli chemical physicist.

Heritage, Ancestry and DecentEdit

Moshe Sharony
Reuven Sharony (b. 1950)
Tzipora Sharony
Inon Sharony
Shimshon Dagan
Ye'ela Sharony (Dagan) (b. 1954)
Shulamit Dagan

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  1. ^ The medal of the British Association for Radiation Research is named after J. J. Weiss.]

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My professional web-page at Tel Aviv University.

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For cool things I picked up and might want to use later on...

The idealized four-stroke Otto cycle p-V diagram: the  intake (A)  stroke is performed by an isobaric expansion, followed by the  compression (B)  stroke, performed by an adiabatic compression. Through the combustion of fuel an isochoric process is produced, followed by an adiabatic expansion, characterizing the  power (C)  stroke. The cycle is closed by an isochoric process and an isobaric compression, characterizing the
 exhaust (D)  stroke.

--Inon Sharony ינון שרוני 14:00, 17 February 2009 (UTC)