This approved bot is run by User:Carnildo. If you have any questions about image tagging, ask them at Wikipedia:Media copyright questions.

Description and purposeEdit

ImageTaggingBot's current task is to inspect newly-uploaded images for ones lacking source information or a license tag.

To the bot, "licensed" simply means "the image description page transcludes a license template". The bot has two degrees of "unlicensed" ("no license whatsoever" and "maybe a license, but no template") that it distinguishes between based on various heuristics, but the difference only influences what no-license tag the bot applies and what message it gives the uploader; in both cases, the image is in violation of policy.

ImageTaggingBot was written in Perl using OrphanBot's code for accessing Wikipedia.

Some of ImageTaggingBot tasks used to be performed by OrphanBot.

In simple terms:Edit

What ImageTaggingBot does:

  1. ImageTaggingBot tags images with no source as {{no copyright holder}}, images with no license as {{no copyright information}}, and images with no copyright tag as {{untagged}}
  2. ImageTaggingBot notifies the uploader of any problems it encounters.

What ImageTaggingBot does not do:

  1. ImageTaggingBot does not delete images.
  2. ImageTaggingBot does not tag images for deletion.
  3. ImageTaggingBot does not evaluate fair-use claims.
  4. ImageTaggingBot is not responsible for every image that gets deleted.

Current task statusEdit

  • Automatic tagging of no-source, no-rationale, and untagged images is ongoing.


Can I ask ImageTaggingBot to reevaluate my image page and tell me if the tagging is OK now?

A. No. The bot can't tell the difference between "good" and "bad" tagging. All it can do is spot certain types of errors. If you want to know if the image is okay, ask a human on Wikipedia:Media copyright questions.