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Harrias('hæraɪəs, 'ha-rahy-uhs)
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I am Ben, but known around here for some odd reason as Harrias. I first appeared on Wikipedia back in December 2005, when I voted to keep an article on a website that I was a member of. Not particularly big or clever, creating an account just to vote in an AfD, but it got my foot in the door! I then proceeded to make a number of ill-informed edits on ice hockey articles, changing a few formats and what not, which were all reverted. I moved from ice hockey to lower league English football, and hung around there until August 2009. At that point, my edits moved into cricket, more specifically, Somerset County Cricket Club related pages. From that point, I didn't really look back: in one month alone I more than doubled my edit count.

At the end of August 2009 I had my first DYK, Phil Slocombe. Four months later, I successfully got a Featured List promoted, and another four months after that, my first Good Article. I've rarely had the patience for the Featured Article process, but I have managed to get a few articles promoted, the first of them, Herbie Hewett, in March 2011. Until 2014, all but four of my Good Articles were cricket-related, and only one wasn't sport related, but recently I have branched out a little more. In December 2012, I went through the rigours of an RfA, and got a mop, but my focus remains very much on content.

My edits now continue to focus on Somerset County Cricket Club, and I have a little project to try and improve the articles on each of the captains as much as I can. Aside from that, I tend to prefer researching and writing about players from the earliest period of the club's existence, from 1875 through until the First World War. I've also started to delve into a little bit of local history for the Taunton area, which I've found very interesting, though very time consuming (mostly because I keep getting distracted by snippets of information).

Over the last few years, my editing has been sporadic at times; family life has meant that I can often go for months at a time with very few edits, before coming back wholeheartedly again. In December 2017, I put myself through a "reconfirmation" RfA. It turned out that it wasn't a particularly popular idea, but I strongly believe in accountability to the community, and felt that it was the right thing to do. I try to help counter systemic bias within Wikipedia, and try to help increase the coverage of women on Wikipedia via the Women in Red project, and the Women's cricket task force.

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