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Karl Johanssvamp, Iduns kokbok.jpgThis user is a member of
WikiProject Fungi.
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Counter-Vandalism Unit.
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Trivia Cleanup WikiProject.
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Admin mop question.svgThis user is not a Wikipedia administrator but would like to be one someday.
C#-3This user is an advanced C# programmer.
js-NThis user is fluent in JavaScript.
PerlThis user is just another Perl hacker.
ocaml-1This user is a basic OCaml programmer.
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Free software logosThis user uses free software wherever and whenever possible.
This user contributes while using Rhythmbox.
Nuvola apps emacs.pngThis user contributes using GNU/Linux, but doesn't care what other people call it.Tux.svg
This user only uses Google products as a last resort.

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