Gwydion Madawc Williams, son of Raymond Williams.

In my own life, I'm continuing along the broad lines of what my father argued for. Also reminding people how much things have changed since the 1960s. So that no one noticed when John Major as Tory Prime Minister called for a Classless society in the 1992 election. People don't seem to realise how different the mainstream of the 1960s and 1970s was different from anything that would be acceptable today.

I've been officially registered here since 18 October 2005, having discovered the merits of the Wilipedia a few months earlier. It kept coming high on my Google searches. It commonly had the best information available on the web.

I have two websites. Long Revolution is mostly about politics. Gwydion Madawc Williams is more general. Also you can find my Flickr photos here. And I've been busy on Quora.

I've had a book published that is a left-wing criticism of Adam Smith, entitled Adam Smith: Wealth Without Nations; published in April 2000 and still available. It got a nice review at Amazon Books. It shows

That he introduced the idea of the 'miracle of the market' in a miraculous manner, without explanation.
That he grossly misrepresented the history of pin-making, his famous example of Division of Labour. Pin-making was socially regulated, which he must have known but failed to mention
That he was linked to several of the British ministers who provoked the American War of Independence. Evidence is scant - some papers have been destroyed for unexplained reasons - but he seems to have been against the American cause.
That he was distinctly hostile to Christianity (and not just a disbeliever, which most sources do admit).

Karl Marx was wrong on some points, but mostly on matters where he took the same view as Adam Smith.