User:Grutness/Stub discoveries to vet

A scan through Allpages/Templates on 30/10/05 ([1]) revealed some 225 stub categories which either I didn't recognise or were ones I though had long been deleted as misnames or malformed. Many of these templates are almost certainly unknown to WP:WSS.

Here is the list. Feel free to take a bunch of them, check them out, and add them to WP:WSS/D or WP:SFD for debate/discussion/deletion. Some will be redirects, others full templates. Some will be useful, but most look pretty bad at a first glance.

Please follow three simple steps to make it easier for others using this page:

  1. If a stub is well-known, accepted and listed at WSS/ST, and doesn't look in need of a re-name, remove it from the list
  2. If you take any of the other stubs to either WSS/D or SFD, score through it on the list using <s> and </s>
  3. remove any redlinks


Small categoriesEdit

Otherwise malformedEdit