Hi there just another Wikipedia editor! I generally edit stubs or make new articles, so you might be here to check why is there a spike in information added. Please be civilised when discussing even though we may all have differing view points!


Central Asian articlesEdit

Works are currently underway for many Central Asian articles, because there are several articles lacking or outdated. Stay tuned!

Singapore placesEdit

The amenities in Singapore locations that I have added are placed ONLY in accordance to what is commonly accepted, NOT according to URA defined boundaries, because:
Firstly if URA boundaries are used many estates would vanish and/or be pulled out of distortion.
Secondly if both URA and commonly accepted boundaries are used there would be many repeated contents in different articles.

Example: Siglap Centre does not lie within the URA Siglap subzone but is written under Siglap article because it is commonly accepted to be part of Siglap.


As much as finding an article that one needs on Wikipedia would make one happy, receiving an award makes a day too!

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