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Welcome to my complaints page.

If you have come here about an edit I have made or i have done something you disagree with; think about why I have made it. If you feel that you must complain about it please mention the name of the page, and sign your post with four "tilde" characters ~~~~ so that I know who you are.

If I have left a reply on your talk page please post further replies there; I am watching it.

If you leave a message here I will usually reply here, but if my reply contains advice I hope you will find useful, I may place it on your talk page.

Please use sub-headings formatted in the edit page as '''Complaint subject''' under the Complaints section, same for constructive criticisms (Except replace complaint with constructive criticism). Thanks!

Also note I WILL NOT respond to hostile complaints, and they will probably be deleted or reported if they are severe/persistant.



Constructive criticismEdit

Grigori Tokaty

Greetings Goldblooded, I'm posting this message on your talk page because I noticed that you've recently created the new article Grigori Tokaty--The content seems pretty substantial.However, I noticed there are some holes that may need filling: the references in the article do not follow Wikipedia guidelines. There is a tutorial on formatting citations at Wikipedia:Referencing. Kind regards and happy editing! Jipinghe (talk) 21:21, 12 October 2011 (UTC)

AIV reports

Please do not treat AIV like 'requests for blocks'. That is not its purpose. I know there are bad editors out there but if we decline to block someone there does not mean they're immune from blocks elsewhere. AIV is for obvious vandalism and spamming. This case was not. I also invite you read Fluffernutter's comment if you haven't already. Thank you. Alexandria (talk) 15:52, 21 October 2011 (UTC)