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Because there is good editing and there is bad editing and good editing must be encouraged. Even in the face of Armageddon I will not compromise in this.

Bio and random stuffEdit

If I see that lugo one more time....

It is rumored that this user can pass the turing test

The standard you can leave comments on my talk page follows:

You can leave comments on my talk page or indeed anyone's talk page however if you want me to respond it is probably better to use my talk page. Please don't spam it if you do I will react apathetically.

One of my main aims on wikipedia is to make sure there is an article for every canal listed in the List of canals of the United Kingdom article.

  • I made my 1000th edit on 14 November 2004.
  • I made my 2000th edit at some point no idea when.
  • Same for 3000th perhaps I'll notice the 4000th.
  • Nope missed that as well.
  • 5000 was sometime in august 2005 (probably between the 20th and the 25th.
  • Now over 7000 probably sometime early December.
  • 10000 16 June 2006.
  • 20,000 11 march 2008
  • 30,000 22 August 2015

I have considered putting up one of those wikistress meters from time to time but I haven't got round to making one which allows for negative values.

yeah I like canals in case you missed that

I'm an admin and do use the tools from time to time.

Zeus help me I appear to have a blog:

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My socksEdit


For tracking fair use vios


Currently mostly being used to process image uploads


For taging album covers that lack commentary.


Abandoned account.


Created to test something.


To keep ratings separate.

Other projects I work onEdit

I'm interested in midget submarines as well

I've done some limited work on the the wikijunior project over at wikibooks. I'm an admin on Wikispecies and commons.

Geni's advice on how to win an edit warEdit

Discuss every edit on a talk page. Do not react emotionally. Assume good faith (even when you are pretty sure that the other person is not acting that way). Never revert first. Don't make or respond to personal attacks. If the other person is trying to make things heated, try mediation. Following this lot can result in two outcomes: a. It ends up in Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee and your case is unassailable. b.your opponent adopts these tactics and you end up collaborating on the article.

Editing stuffEdit

user:geni/Pages I want to keep track of





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Maybe something sometimeEdit

/The unreasonably difficult photo contest




/so your article has been nominated for deletion



/WikiProject UK canals

/1939 deaths

/WW2 sourcing issues

/1941 deaths

/1943 deaths



/citing encyclopedias