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Linguistics, Mongolian studies


I've rated several thousand articles for Wikipedia:WikiProject Languages. As there had been many unrated languages, rating was often done very quickly by considering the amount of sourced information, the availability of a reasonable and typologically based amount of information on phonology, morphology, syntax, related languages, language history, sociolinguistic situation etc. instead of assessing the quality of the detailed information provided of these sections. At 2009-03-08 I first finished this process, leaving 50 languages I felt unqualified to rate. In 2011-10-14, I first brought down the number of unrated languages to zero.

At 2009-01-08, I finished reassessing the B class articles of the WP languages, leaving 93 articles and degrading maybe about 30 articles. This was done by means of checking some fundamental structural criteria and "quick-failing" those articles that clearly didn't meet the requirements. I didn't check the quality of the data. Therefore, when degrading to C class, I may still have accidently overrated some articles.

At 2012-06-26-28 I reassessed the B class articles again. There were 115 B class articles when I started. With a somewhat lenient approach to 5 or so borderline articles, I arrived at 85 articles, demoting exactly 30.

If anyone is interested in getting a more detailed assessment, wants to discuss my rating, wants some article rated or just wants to give a feedback, just notify me on my talk page!


I created the following articles:

I recreated the following articles after their deletion:

I contributed most substantially to

Mongolian writing with Word 2007 on a German keyboard (can easily be adapted to English keyboard)Edit

(I’m grateful to Yaan, Gantuya eng and masi högerühün Minipanda for discussing this with me)

Simple letters

a – a, e – e, i – i, o/u – v/w, ö/ü – o/u, n – n, b – b, p – p, q/k – h, γ/g – g, m – m, l – l, s – s, š – x, t – t, d – d, č – q, ǰ – j, y – z, r – r, f – f, k’ – k, c – c, j – y

ng: shift-n (but not for "nnga" as in "twnggalag", "aywnggSHIFTßa"), word-pre-final n/γ: shift-ß+n/g, suffix-forms of various letters: ß+..., invisible letter (eg as the first letter in dorǰi): shift-8, word-final d (as in ed): d+ä, word-medial t (as in material): t+ä (u+ä and w+ä work analogous), stable g (as in ǰiǰigken): g+^, final female g (g shift-ä), v/e: shift-w/e, prolonged niraγu: shift-7; shift-6 creates a word-initial letter that need not be preceded by a SPACE. To determine scipt direction: Page Layout > Text Direction > Vertical for Mongolian.

From SH §54-56, dedicated to User:Gantuya engEdit

Ganaa used to have an adaption of SH §54-56 on her user page. Shortly before being blocked, she deleted it. Still, she would be direly needed here on so many topics related to Mongol(ian) culture, in the defunct Mongolia work group. So it is with sadness that I translated the following two sub-passages from this passage into English myself to dedicate them to her.

Did you notice these three men? Their faces are different from other faces. They are people with faces that want to get at your life. If you are still alive,

There are girls
In every cart
There are ladies
In every carriage.

If you are still alive, you will surely find a girl or lady like me. Somebody with another name you can surely even name “Höelün”. Save your life! Keeping on breathing my scent, go!

My beloved Ciledü

In the wind now
His braids are flying
In the steppe and prairie
His belly is hungering

Only how is he now? Proceeding, what is he doing, with his two plaits tossing once on his back, tossing once on his breast, once forward and once backward.

G Purevdorj (talk) 15:57, 19 May 2011 (UTC)