Another sleeping kitten -a.jpg

This little fella is absolutely precious... just like you. (please click to see the full-size image. it's great)

2006-07-09 katze2.jpg

This one is a playful sort. Perhaps you could provide it with a good home, just like you do for others here at Wikipedia.

4 Kittens.jpg

These four get along well with each other and are pleasent to be around. Reminding me of you.

4 weeks old funny kitten.jpg

Here's one that's only 4 weeks old and has his tongue sticking out. He's just sooo cute.

Kitten stuck on top of a tree trunk.jpg

This kitten needs to be rescued, and as you are experienced in rescuing articles I thought you might be able to help with this little guy.

Just wanted to say thanks for being a warm, inviting person, helping others and rescuing articles. Cogitating (talk) 01:50, 31 July 2011 (UTC)