Falos is the alias for an unnamed 1337 located somewhere in the western USA.

The origin of the handle was supplied from his cousin when deciding on a character name for the SNES game Secret of Evermore at a young age. Discovering undesirable phonetic/linguistic ties years later, he considered "Khias" as an alternative, but was too entrenched with Falos and decided the effort wasn't worthwhile.

Falos is an inhabitant of various websites and has contributed to the web in a number of ways. He has a personal homepage, long dead since early 2004.

Falos is an amateur cartoonist, and runs Jim-Bob Comics, which updates rarely and has been half-dead since early 2005. Falos believes that someday it might be a real comic, and kept JBC on life support status, which is still going on currently (October 26, 2006).

Falos is a traceur, one who believes in the core values and frowns upon FSW/FSR degeneration, and considers an urban environment crucial.

Falos is a passionate gamer, started from the NES era. He is against the idea of the modern gaming corpotations neglecting the traditional gamer demographic, and spending resources to try and milk the casual gamer audience, attempting to charge money for flash-level games such as Tetris and Bejeweled. He doesn't favor racers, sport'ers, or wrestlers, while enjoying FPS shooters, fighters, platformers, and being particular to Action/Adventure and RPGs.

Falos is an amateur pianist, with poor skill at sightreading sheet music, and typically playing from memory. A large portion of his current songs are in progress and unfinished at any given time. He enjoys VG music, which often turns out to be done by Nobuo Uematsu. One piece of note is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, of which the first movement has been completed.

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