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Automatic or manual?Automatic
Programming language(s)GNU Awk
Exclusion compliant?Yes
Source code published?Farotbot on GitHub
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Yes

Featured Article Link Rot Bot (FA RotBot) is a bot that helps with WP:Link Rot in Featured Articles and Lists. FA RotBot creates a list of articles from Category:Featured articles and Category:Featured lists. It then sends this list to User:InternetArchiveBot (IABot) for processing. FA RotBot does not make edits itself, it merely triggers IABot to run on a page. FA RotBot runs automatically on a regular time schedule (weekly).

The bot originated following a discussion between Dweller and the Featured Article coordinators. As background, IABot normally works its way through all of Wikipedia's 5 million+ articles which can take months to complete. This is a long time, so FA RotBot bot sends requests to IABot to process Featured material more frequently, meaning IABot can get round our highest quality material faster and on a regular basis.

If you would like to raise a technical issue with FA RotBot itself, please contact User:GreenC, who is the bot owner/developer. If you'd like to question the premise of the bot, or how it works in Featured material, please contact User:Dank. If you've spotted a problem in the way that IABot is handling the dead links it finds, please report the problem by following the instructions here. If you found IABot added a link that is incorrect, please login to the IABot Interface (press "OK" if prompted) and reset the link to the correct information.

Technical details

By default all articles in the featured article & list categories are included. Individual articles can be excluded by editing User:FA RotBot/exclude. Additional articles can be included by adding to User:FA RotBot/include.

The bot's BRFA discussion. The bot logs (press "OK" if prompted).