Eman235 /ˈmænˈtˈθɜːrtˈfv/ (reg. 7 March 2014) is a reviewer and rollbacker. He started editing on the English Wikipedia, and occasionally edits on other Wikimedia projects.

He's pretty gnomish.

He also talks about himself in the third person for some reason.


Pictorial analogyEdit

Lao Tzu, WikipedianEdit

"The wise person acts without effort
and teaches by quiet example.
He accepts things as they come,
creates without possessing,
nourishes without demanding,
accomplishes without taking credit.
Because he constantly forgets himself,
he is never forgotten."

The Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu, tr. Brian Brown Walker

Don't use {{ping}}Edit

Hey @Example:, here's the solution to your problem...

I see this kind of message on discussion pages a lot. This usage of {{ping}} is unsightly.

(Even when it's used correctly, as in @Example: Here's the solution to your problem..., I find @ to be clunky and unnecessary.)

There is nothing special about {{ping}}. A link to User:Example followed by a link to your userpage and a timestamp (i.e., a signature) pings Example. That's all.

Actually, usage of {{ping}} can be misleading. New users sometimes see the familiar social-media format and assume that @ is a magic character.

Consider instead using {{u}}, which is just a shorter way of writing a piped userpage link:

Markup Renders as
{{u|Example}}, here's the solution to your problem...

Example, here's the solution to your problem...

Or, if it flows better, use {{bcc}}, which doesn't display at all:

Markup Renders as
{{bcc|Example}} Here's the solution to your problem...

Here's the solution to your problem...

Random imageEdit

Random, senses 1 and 5
I have bigger problems than how fast I was going, officer


Wikipedia achievements, important and not-so-important
  • 00:40, 7 March 2014 – Registered
  • 02:12, 13 April 2014 – Made my 100th edit, making me a Burba.
  • 02:00, 22 April 2014 – Started a draft of Geeta (album) in my userspace.
  • 23:58, 3 June 2014 – The draft is accepted and moved into the mainspace.  
  • 19:27, 4 August 2014 (UTC) – Received the Modest Barnstar for participating in the GOCE July 2014 drive.
  • 05:26, 16 September 2014 – Started Draft:If You're Not Part of the Solution, You're Part of the Problem.
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The best captionEdit

The very best caption, for the very best reason:
Ha! Ha!
(It was later changed.)