EdwardsBot is a message delivery bot. It posts talk page messages to a specified list of users and is controlled by the page contents of User:EdwardsBot/Spam or m:Global message delivery/Spam.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the bot.

Why was EdwardsBot written?Edit

EdwardsBot was originally written as a replacement for AWB. Typically users have used AWB to do deliveries of this nature, but this has limitations for users who don't have easy access to a Windows machine. The original deliverybot.py script did not have an on-wiki configuration page.

Version 2 of the bot (deliverybot-2.py, the current version) added an on-wiki configuration page at User:EdwardsBot/Spam.

Is EdwardsBot's use restricted?Edit

Yes, EdwardsBot can only be operated by individuals who are listed on its access list.

Can I be added to EdwardsBot's access list?Edit

You'll need to request access at User talk:EdwardsBot/Access list. As User:EdwardsBot/Access list is fully protected from editing by non-administrators, it usually helps to call an administrator's attention to the page by adding the {{sudo}} template to your request.

Please note that the bot's owner (MZMcBride) doesn't generally get involved in determining who receives access to the bot. As MZMcBride currently doesn't have administrative user rights here on the English Wikipedia, it's impossible for him to add you to the on-wiki access list, even if he wanted to! Any local administrator can fulfill or deny requests to use EdwardsBot at his or her discretion.

How do I use EdwardsBot?Edit

A full set of instructions is available at User:EdwardsBot/Instructions.

Do I need consensus to run a delivery?Edit

That's a complicated question. For lists where individual users have directly opted in to receiving talk page messages, it's a clear case. Delivering to all participants of a WikiProject or all users in a particular geographic region needs to be debated on a case-by-case basis.

Can I view EdwardsBot's source code?Edit

Yes, EdwardsBot's source code is available at User:EdwardsBot/Configuration.

Does EdwardsBot have a log?Edit

Yes, EdwardsBot does write to a log file, but it's currently not publicly accessible. On-wiki logging may be implemented one day.

Can I opt out of EdwardsBot's deliveries?Edit

Yes. For a specific publication or post, there should be an "unsubscribe" link somewhere in the message. Simply remove yourself from the specific distribution list. You may contact the person who sent out the message for assistance.

If you would like to opt out of all of EdwardsBot's deliveries, you may list yourself at Wikipedia:Bots/Opt-out/EdwardsBot.

Why doesn't EdwardsBot respect the "bots"/"nobots" templates?Edit

Simply put, because those templates are very poorly implemented.

In order for a bot (operator) to respect those templates, the full page text of the target page must be fetched and then the template must be extracted and parsed. In addition, the templates support both positive and negative assertions. These factors combine to create a coding headache that simply isn't worth the trouble, particularly as most of EdwardsBot's deliveries should be opt-in.

Is there a global version of EdwardsBot?Edit

Yes, EdwardsBot has a global (Wikimedia wiki-wide) counterpart that currently operates m:Global message delivery.

How do I stop EdwardsBot?Edit

Starting an EdwardsBot delivery is similar to hitting "send" on an e-mail with a long recipients list. There isn't really any mechanism for undoing the action. Administrators are capable of blocking the bot.

Does EdwardsBot have duplicate post detection?Edit

Yes, EdwardsBot checks each target delivery page for a unique string, based on the input key used with the delivery. The key will typically look something like <!-- EdwardsBot 0024 -->, where "0024" is the key that was used. If there's an interruption and the bot must be restarted, it will not post to pages where this code is present.

How do I view a particular distribution list?Edit

EdwardsBot supports two types of distribution lists: a page list or a category. Either type of distribution list can be viewed at User:EdwardsBot/Spam under the respective "RECIPIENTS" header.