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I live in England in the United Kingdom. I study Natural Sciences (specialising in Earth sciences and physical chemistry but having also taken courses in physics and mathematics) at the University of Cambridge. I am also a keen linguist with a hobby for studying electoral systems. Most of the time, I choose which page to work on by clicking 'Random article' a few times and waiting for a stub to come up (that's how I found the Adan River page which I revitalised somewhat). Often my contributions are simply to tidy things up: adding citations where they are lacking, reorganising disjointed pages, and removing information which has gone unsubstantiated for too long and for which I could find no suitable sources.

Contribution to WikipediaEdit

I speak English fluently and French to an advanced level and although I'm not sure I feel confident enough to make direct contributions to the French Wikipedia, I may spend some time translating articles which are fairly long on the FRench Wikipedia but are stubs on the English Wikipedia (see Mayres-Savel). I have some background in a few other languages also. When it comes to linguistics, my interest is extremely broad (recently I enjoyed working on the page about the obscure KiKAR language).

Ask me about:

  • Earth sciences (climate science, petrology, palaeobiology, sedimentology, etc.)
  • Physical chemistry (molecular quantum mechanics, spectroscopy, thermodynamics, etc.)
  • Linguistics

These are the articles which I have put most time into:

I have contributed small amounts to the following articles also:

I have contributed somewhat to the following articles and plan to contribute more at some point:

All of the above articles are on my watchlist.

I plan to improve the following articles at some point: