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1337-27h15 u53r 15 48l3 70 (0n7r18u+3
\/\/i7h 4|\| |1|\|73rm3d14+3 l3\/3l 0f 1337.
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Asperger syndrome.

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ubx-5This user uses entirely too many userboxes.
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File:DieselDragons photo.jpg
DieselDragon...Also known as "Death", and "That lazy git from England!"

Quick Introduction:Edit

Well, hello WikiWorld! :-D

Well I havn't a clue why, but I just spent the whole of the night staying up and finding Wikipedia Userboxes to fill this profile up with! I'm weird like that though...Too much time spent on the internet to check out that odd thing that my friends have mentioned over IM services called "The real World"... :-O

Anyhow...I'm not exactly in a fit state to go into detail about myself now, so I'll let the userboxes on the right do the talking. For those who will have noticed: I do know about the BabelBox feature but the problem with that is it makes the page hard to arrange properly, so I just decided to dump it all in a single userbox tag for easy management! :-)

Farewell... >:-)

+++ DieselDragon +++ Talk, Contribs, Stats - 26 October 2010CE = 15:40, 26 October 2010 (UTC)

DieselDragon's To-do list:Edit

  • Defragmentation and tidy up of redirects and talk pages connected with God_TV.  -
  • Translation of German language Transrapid article into English, followed by merge with current English version.  ?

Key to symbols:

  •  - - Task has been proposed, or is currently in progress.
  •  Y - Task has been completed; This item will remain here for a short time for other user's reference.
  •  N - Task has not been completed; A problem may have been encountered, or objections have been raised by other users.
  •  ? - Task progress unclear; A discussion might be in progress over it's future, or it may have entered an idle state.

Current Wikipedia projects:Edit