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Automatic or manual?Automatic
Programming language(s)C#
Exclusion compliant?Yes
Source code published?Yes
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Yes
Note: This bot will stop running if you leave a message on its talk page, until the owner sees it and allows the bot to continue running. If you feel that you must block this bot, please leave a message on its talk page stating as such, as the bot may not know to stop when it has been blocked.

What is DefaultsortBot?Edit

DefaultsortBot is a bot that is designed to help add {{DEFAULTSORT}} tags to biography articles. DefaultsortBot goes through the pages in Category:Biography articles with listas parameter, looks for a WikiProject banner that has the listas parameter, and uses the value found there to create a new {{DEFAULTSORT}} tag for the article.

Did DefaultsortBot get the DEFAULTSORT tag wrong?Edit

Please note that the bot merely copies the value of the listas parameter from the first WikiProject banner it comes across on the article's talk page. Generally speaking, that is what needs to be fixed, and not the bot's behavior. The bot will never try to guess how a name should be arranged in a DEFAULTSORT tag. However, if you looked at the listas parameters of all the WikiProject banners on the talk page, and the bot put something completely different in for the DEFAULTSORT value, please leave a note on the bot's talk page, and I'll take a look into it.