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Hi! I'm David Parreño Mont (@dapamont), a future journalist. When I was 12 I started editing the Catalan @Wikipedia, improving my writing skills while I managed to help many other people.

I describe myself as a "volunteer of knowledge". I have started more than 500 articles on Wikipedia, 4 of them Featured Articles, and I have made over 40,000 contributions, willingly. Thus, these articles will be helpful to thousands of people. I'm also member and Communication Coordinator of @AmicalWikimedia, a non-profit Wikimedia organization whose focus of interest is the #Catalan language and culture. This year Amical Wikimedia was officialy recognized by Wikimedia Foundation as the first organization that did not represent a state.

I am the Wikipedian-in-Residence at Catalan Network of Public Libraries to promote and encourage the participation of the public libraries of Catalonia on Wikipedia. Working together, we can promote scholarly and cultural knowledge, information literacy, and open access. Before, I had been also the Wikipedian-In-Residence at cultural institutions of #Palafrugell, my hometown.

Moreover, I'm studying a Bachelor's degree in Humanities and in Journalism at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. I'm a radio broadcaster of Ràdio Palafrugell and collaborator of Nú, the Catalan cultural digital magazine. I was editor for Bits Catalans, the first Catalan tech blog.


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