As an avid reader since 2004, I was always a fan of Wikipedia. It was not until early 2006 though that I ventured into the world of editing. I have authored pages and made some notable contributions to articles, but my main activity on here is minor editing and link correcting. It's nice to be able to correct grammar, spelling mistakes and broken links as you surf through Wikipedia.




Significant contributionsEdit

Note that significant contribution could mean anything from most of the article being written by me to me making many little edits.

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Professional sound productionEdit

This is my first venture into Wikiprojects. I noticed that many of the articles pertaining to Professional sound production are generally disorganized and of low quality. My goal is to collaborate with other Wikipedians to raise the quality of these articles and neatly organize them under the three subcategories of Recorded Media, Sound Reinforcement and Broadcast. Since this is the first time I've done anything like this, I need all the advice I can get so please give me as much aide and or constructive criticism as you can! Meanwhile I will attempt to read up on Wikiprojects as much as I can.



My name is David. Davidkazuhiro is merely the concatenation of my first and middle name. I was born and raised in Japan as a YWAM missionary kid, and consequently am bilingual. I'm currently studying Computing Science at Trinity Western University in British Columbia, Canada.


Due to my childhood, heritage, education and Christian background, my interests vary widely. I've had an interest in technology, or anything that conducts electricity for that matter, from a very young age. I would often be tinkering with (or breaking) any electronic equipment and software I could get my hands on.

Due to my missionary upbringing, I had quite a solid evangelical theology taught to me at an early age. Thankfully my parents encouraged me to know and constantly challenge my beliefs instead of taking them all for granted. Consequently, I have a very inquisitive attitude when it comes to Ethics, Theology, Humanism, and just Philosophy in general. My studies in University have introduced me to textual criticism, and obviously I have become quite enthralled by this discipline.

My family was always a musical family, which encouraged me to be involved early on. My mother persistantly tried to teach me piano, but that is a skill I never mastered. Since the age of 11 I pursued drums and guitar and have since made those my main instruments. I am currently in a band, which released an album in 2005. My interest in music has also bled over into the operation of SR systems. Besides recording with my band, I've also been involved in SR for church and other concerts. I'm hoping to pursue this perhaps as a side career but alas, I'm going to have to make some decisions about my interests firsts

Interests by topicEdit


My elementary education was mainly in the public Japanese education system, with a mixture of homeschooling. 7th-11th grade was a mixture of homeschooling and correspondance school via Keystone. I finished off my last year of high school education at CAJ to buffer my transition to my upcoming North American education at Trinity Western.

Currently I'm pursuing a major in Computing Science at Trinity Western University. Since my main interests are music and technology, I am hoping to pursue a masters degree in a field along the lines of Digital Audio Processing.